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Trust has a name:

TRUSTed Internet Next Generation

THE trusted internet of the next generation.

From EUROPE for ALL people.

XR - Humans enter extended reality

Infinite expanses...

Here worlds, uni- and multiverses are created that are practically boundless - virtually as well as in reality.

All people, communities, organizations, companies, etc. can give free rein to their creativity and contribute their part to the Internet of the next generation.

And all this with complete transparency, as well as control and adjustment options for each individual, the likes of which have never been seen before.

The modes of communication, learning, interpersonal relationships, and more will be fundamentally different from today's.

Also artificial intelligence will bring revolutionary changes.

Of course, here too, every individual has the right, the opportunity and the freedom to use these novel possibilities as he or she sees fit.

Own currency and infrastructure

Independence and flexibility through the introduction of its own currency and its own infrastructure.


Public and complete transparency about all activities around

No secrets, but clear and comprehensible facts as the basis for sustainable trust.

Enhanced data protection

Data protection beyond the requirements of the GDPR.

Realized through revolutionary processes called AIR:

Advanced Individual Registration

Own network

One or more separate nets for everyone.

Independent or guided control and other options as required.

together for charity

Other features of are humanitarian and non-profit backgrounds.

The goal is to curb misery, suffering, injustice and more through generated, existing and further resources as well as to stimulate a global rethinking.

The same applies to animal and nature protection, environmental and climate protection, sustainability and more.

Together, we can make the world a better place, bringing more commonality, peace, mutual respect and acceptance to humanity and freeing it from the quasi-monopolies of the alleged global giants.

Everyone can make a difference !

Even if something is initially brought to a standstill...

NOW is the time for Wind of Change !